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【2024 Summer Intern 007】_Marketing Intern 行銷實習生_Product Marketing Div. (Media Performance)

Job Responsibility

宏碁屹立市場超過40年,是一個國際化的自有品牌公司,全球員工超過8,000名,營運遍及世界超過160個國家,在台灣設有研發中心,且在泛歐、泛美和泛亞均設有區域性的營運總部。我們歡迎有著改變世界熱情的你/妳加入宏碁,一同寫下屬於我們的故事 : )

[Acer 2024 Summer Intern – Become a Part of Our Story]

Job Overview:
We are seeking a motivated and enthusiastic digital marketing talent to join the global Media Performance Team. This role offers a unique opportunity to be involved in global digital marketing projects from planning to execution. The talent will learn how to do the media planning in a data-driven mindset and explore the audience insight on social channels.

Job Description:
1. Organize the data of global social media channels and paid media accounts in a systematic way.
2. Support to build the internal data warehouse to fulfill the need of planning share-of-voice activities.
3. Support to analyze the co-relation between media spending and the share-of-voice outcome across countries.
4. Support to publish social content on Sprinklr.
5. Support to create dashboards on Sprinklr and other platforms.



1. Education: High school diploma or higher.
2. Experience: No prior work experience is required, but practical experience in data planning, data analysis, or data engineering will be preferred.
3. Skills: Proficient in Microsoft Office (especially EXCEL), and familiar with digital media ads and social media platforms.

1. Currently pursuing a degree in Marketing, Communications, Data Analysis or Data Engineering related field.
2. Strong interest in digital marketing trends and development.
3. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with a self-motivated and disciplined mindset.
4. Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment.
5. Rational thinker with strong problem-solving abilities.

● 報名期間:即日起 – 2024/03/31
● 甄選期間:2024/04 – 2024/05
● 實習時間:2024/07/01 - 2024/08/30
● 宣傳影片:
● 其它:
1. HR會依照個人專長與技能,將履歷轉寄給合適的單位及單位主管。
2. 通過第一關書面審核者, HR會再寄發E-mail通知面試時間與地點。

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